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UNIONINI(ユニオニーニ)は、デザイナー高橋 真波により立ち上げられたキッズ/オトナ服ブランド。幼い頃は母親が手作りしてくれた洋服を着ることが日常で、自身も幼少期より自分が着たい洋服や持ちたいバッグなどを作っていた。その後も洋服への関心は衰えず、古着屋で働くなど、洋服に関する知識やデザインを独学で習得する。





UNIONINI is a clothing brand for kids and women based/designed/made in Japan, founded by Manami Takahashi in 2014. She's a mom of two, used to handmade clothes or bags herself and wore the clothes that her mom made for her when she was a kid. Her interest in fashion didn't get lost growing up, started working at a vintage shop after school where she got inspired by the hidden quality items and people with their own styles. She didn't graduate from a fashion school, had been learning how to create clothes, identity, and express herself by being exposed to the fashion scene at a young age.

Giving birth to her first child brought her mind a change, from "what I want to wear" to " what I want my boy to wear" where it gave her an idea to start her own brand as it was also hard to find cool kids fashion brands that she liked! Knowing nothing about the industry, she managed to handle every single thing all by herself from finding suppliers and manufacturers to designing, photo shooting, sales, and presenting at the shows. 


The name UNIONINI is a combination of the word Union and her hope for the brand to mix fashion, art, people, everything that is cool all together as its creative expression. UNIONINI always challenges to create one of a kind yet timeless designs that are created by a passionate, inspirational, loving and caring person who is never afraid to change.



-Manami Takahashi, Founder/Designer

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